What to bring in a Limón rain forest tour

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The first thing you have to deal with in any Limon rain forest tour is -of course- rain, seems obvious, but is amazing the number of people who don’t realize this whenever they visit the rain forest. The weather has to be unstable in order to have a healthy ecosystem, and humidity levels and heat tend to be high.

For dealing with rain there are three options:

First Option:
An umbrella, this works nice it it’s a light rain but not inside a forest, because of the vegetation, that makes difficult to walk with it.

Second option:
A Rain Poncho, This works nice for walking through vegetation but makes your body sweats a lot for the lack of ventilation, using it while walking makes you end wet due to your own sweat.

Third option:
Doing nothing to avoid getting wet and leaving a dry set of cloth in a safe place, this works for me the best; weather is always mild at Port Limon Costa Rica, so you don’t have to worry for dropping of corporal temperature, plus if you are walking, exercise keeps you warm, you may carry your dry cloth in plastic bags with you in case you are not doing a loop trail in the Limon tropical rainforest.

About mosquitoes:
There are sometimes when you find very few, but sometimes you may find many, so is always strongly recommended to carry insect repellent.

About proper cloth:
Shorts are not good for walking into vegetation because of the bushes that may harm your leg’s skin, so long trouser are better, but be sure NOT TO BRING JEANS, this absorb and retain water in a big way making your walk lot more difficult. Light long trousers are the best.

About terrain:
Be ready for mud and for getting your feet wet or soaked, walking boots are ideal recommended is to bring an extra pair of shoes for after the walk that may be sneakers.

The last and very important rule for observation of wildlife: bring binoculars.

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