Chocolote Tour

Chocolote Tour

A tour that combines a Chocolate Experience, with a Rain Forest National Park in Cahuita, and swimming in the nice white sand beach. Price is per person with minimum 4 persons.



Chocolate is a word that originates from Nahuatl language of the Aztec culture, the scientific name is: Theobroma cacao. Theo means God in Greek, while Broma stands for food in the same language, so all together means: Food of the gods, and really during precolumbian times only the highest member in hierarchy were aloud to drink such delicacy (they mixed chocolate with strong chille powder). 

In this tour you will visit an ancient cacao plantation, and will be able to observe and participate in the roasting, grinding and mixing of cacao seeds with milk and sugar in order to make chocolate.

Before or after this, you will visit Cahuita National Park, and will swim in the ocean and relax in its white sand beach.


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