Ecological Experience

Ecological Experience



Destinations you will visit in this tour are:

Veragua Rain Forest Eco Adventure
Tortuguero Canal
Bonita Beach
Downtown Limón (for Shopping)

This is a full day tour, it´s actually our most popular tour with plenty of activities in several destinations.
After one hour driving time you will arrive to Veragua Rain forest Eco Adventure, once there, you will do a guided short walk, surrounded by tropical rain forest lush vegetation, in this walk, you will  cross the butterfly garden, you will be able to observe snakes properly managed in captivity by their biologists (the place is also a research center), and then you will enter into an enclosed controlled area in darkness and with very fine mist (your guide has a flashlight) in which you will be able to observe several species of nocturnal frogs active, because their light/day cycle has been inverted in order for us to observe them active. After or before this you will jump into a hanging gondola that will take you down the hill, once there you will do another short walk in the forest over flat and stable elevated wood trail, or a more strenuous one that leads to a beautiful jungle small size type of waterfall. In the trip you may spot three different species of monkeys, two species of sloths, many species of birds and more...

After this you will be taken to a very nice boat ride in an amazonian type of scenario where you may spot crocodiles, monkeys and shore birds, boat ride will last one hour, next you will arrive to Bonita Beach after a ten minutes riding time, here you will enjoy at leisure for about two hours, and then you will jump into the van for the last segment of your tour: a city & shopping moment; try the best coffee, or find the right souvenir for your beloved ones, since the dock is right there next to the market, it will be less than 5 minutes to take you back and safe to your ship, farewell moment where your guide will say you: -Thanks for your visit, and have a nice trip.



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