• Neo-tropical Monkeys in Costa Rica

    Neo-tropical Monkeys in Costa Rica

    Four species of monkeys are found in Costa Rica. By Cabeto López.

  • Sloths


    Sloths are quite interesting mammals, they used to belong to a group…

  • _mg_0521

    Bonita Beach

    Bonita means nice, and it really is! golden sand beach, its ocean…

  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

      A well known democracy in middle of the neo tropics, with…

  • Comercio


    Comercio en Limón asociado al arribo periódico de barcos; profesionales liberales en…

  • Chocolate, Food of Gods.

    Chocolate, Food of Gods.

    A multi billion worldwide business started in Central America during pre Hispanic…

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    What to bring in a Limón rain forest tou

    The first thing you have to deal with in any Limon rain…

  • Negocios


    This is a Spanish written proposal for costarrican entrepreneurs Vivir en un…

  • Ethnobotany


    A large number of the trees forming these forests are still unknown…