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Sloths are quite interesting mammals, they used to belong to a group of animals that either they don´t have teeth -like the armadillos- or if they have teeth these have no enamel, like in sloths and ant eaters. Recent reviews in taxonomic field have changed things into a quite different system, but for our practical…
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What to bring in a Limón rain forest tour

The first thing you have to deal with in any Limon rain forest tour is -of course- rain, seems obvious, but is amazing the number of people who don’t realize this whenever they visit the rain forest. The weather has to be unstable in order to have a healthy ecosystem, and humidity levels and heat…
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A large number of the trees forming these forests are still unknown to science, and yet Indians, these practical botanists and zoologists, are well acquainted, not only with their external appearance, but also with their various properties. It would greatly contribute to the progress of science if a systematic record were made of all information…
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