"Isn't it a joy when everything you ask for becomes reality? That's what we experienced with our tour last week with Jorge Ramirez Morales and his driver Vic on a tour of Puerto Limon, Costa Rica.

We didn't care for the itineraries of the Princess Cruises tours, so we wanted something more custom. Jorge delivered. We wanted to see the Jaguar Rescue Center (1.3 hrs away) and also the canals, beaches and city - a lot in a day - but Vic delivered. And the views were so beautiful, we never minded the drive. Vic's English was terrific... no problems communicating.

They picked us up right at the port (just follow their email instructions) with their modern air-conditioned car (something I insisted upon, because it is HOT) - and off we went for stop 1... the Jaguar Rescue Center. What an amazing place. No jaguars (and that's a good thing) but plenty of sloths, monkeys, reptiles and other animals that are rehabbing there by dedicated volunteers, like our guide - Matt, who was so passionate about the creatures. We learned so much in the 2 hour walking tour.

Then the drive to the canal for a private boat ride. Along the way, Vic stopped to see an organic banana plantation and show us how bananas are grown - the male and female parts of the plant - so cool. Then a refreshing canal ride where we saw howler monkeys and other wildlife.

Then off to a lovely beach where we ate lunch with Vic talking about our cultures and enjoying a great meal and the seaside view.

Then Vic took us to the top of the city - a high point where we could see our ship and the beauty of his native city. What a vista! Then we wove the car back through the bustling city to the port, where there were great vendors in stalls for shopping for souvenirs, coffee, artwork... whatever. You can easily negotiate there.

One tip... bring your own toilet tissue. The restaurant was equipped... but other public bathrooms had none. Bring your own!

Otherwise, A++++++ on the tour. Now we understand what Jorge meant when he described his country as Pura Vida... because it is! Our favorite port for its natural beauty and wonderful people!"