Calypsonians in Limón

Calypso is a musical genus originated in the Caribbean islands specially Trinidad & Tobago and Jamaica. Since a large portion of the Port Limón province is Jamaican descendant, such music is part of our history and folclore. In the video features Raymond and his Palls.

Bonita Beach

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Bonita means nice, and it really is! A golden sand beach, with its ocean sometimes flat and calm, and sometimes a place for strong & expert surfers to enjoy a very enclosed tube and powerful lip.

The earlier you arrive the better in order to avoid crowd, normally this happens only Saturdays and Sundays.

If you leave your belongings unattended while swimming they will definitely will be gone once you return.

If medium to strong waves are present definitely a strong rip tide will ocurre, ask for advice before getting into the ocean.

Are you ready for booking a visit to Bonita Beach?

Eating the Rain Forest

Whenever I travel through Costa Rica because I´m guiding a several days Natural History tour, or because I´m taking a care of a shore excursion in Puerto Limón or Puntarenas, I keep on getting amazed by the beauty of my country; such a big variety of landscapes in a short travelling distance, the extreme biodiversity…
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Rundun (run down)

I was born in San Jose Costa Rica but grew up in Port Limon, Costa Rica. I was truly a kid when I first ate “Run Down” -now that was delicious!- even though I was so young –maybe 5 o 6 years old- I was enchanted by such marvelous flavor. I couldn’t believe the feeling that…
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