Gerardo Hernandez Hernandez
Job stability and overcoming.
2015 application operator ofimaticas___level: skilled worker. 140 hours. Rating 89,33. 18/06/2015-10/11/2015.
Introduction to computation (introduction to Windows) 52 hours. Score 87.
Words WORD processor 52 hours. Rating 91.
Presenter PowerPoint chart 36 hours. Score 90.
EXCEL spreadsheet
2011 General 623 hours tour guide. Score 83. 18/01/2011-13/07/2011.
First aid and CPR 132 hours. Rating 77.
An overview of tourism (14 hours are on tour) 81 hours. Score 90.
Natural history of Costa Rica (14 hours are on tour) 72 hours. Rated 86.
Tourism legislation and environmental 40 hours. Rating 84.
Cultural tourism in Costa Rica 66 hours. Rating 82.
Ethics applied to activity tourism 30 hours. Rating 85.
Geography Turística de Costa Rica (14 hours are on tour) 80 hours. Score 83.
History of Costa Rica (14 hours are on tour) 122 hours. Rating 77.
2005 English (conversacional-escrito)
2003 Social studies teaching.
Pococí agricultural professional technical college
1997 Bachelor
• Title of ninth year 1993
• Certification Foundation Neo tropical (MINAE) 1994
• Conversational English 1997
• Computer: Operating system D.O.S - LOTUS-1991 text processor
Experience:Canopy S.A, San José Cr. contiguous old customs - Veragua Rainforest, white lemon CR. River Liverpool Veragua - Gray Line Tours CR. San Jose Cr, Bodegas La Uruca cane - MEP, San José Cr. Regional de Pococi.
Constructora Tecno-civil, Guápiles Pococi lemon, Constructora Marín Jiménez Pococi lemon. Independent contractor and Builder.

Specialized ecological and General tourism guide 2005
General attention to domestic and foreign clients. Tour customized to client. Logistics of transportation, food, and lodging of packs (clients). Pick up, Check in and Check out of hotel. CPR. Guided General.
Professor of social studies with the MEP 2004-2007
Teaching social studies at secondary levels. Day and night. All levels.
Materials private tutor for I, II, III and IV cycle. Secondary education (Spanish, social studies, math, English and science)
Knowledge and experience in electrical work, gray work and finishes.
Since 1993 to date made gray works. Knowledge of building materials and experience in national and international customer, service customer is learn to have ease of selling the product is being put on display.
I am currently remodeling a House and continued in works grey and Interior and exterior finishes.
Sociable (ability to work in Group)
With initiative

Graibin Gerardo Hernandez Hernandez.