Javier Martín’s Photography. Abstraction and Four Landscapes.


Javier Martin was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1963, studies at Lincoln School and others. While a teenager studies piano at the University of Costa Rica, but his inquisitive personality leads him to explore diverse fields of knowledge and decides to limit the learning of piano in order to learn different topics.

Some of the fields in which he explored are: Esoteric knowledge, agriculture, beekeeping, philosophy, Bonsai, Guitar, landscaping, politics, Costa Rican history and international affairs.

Later he studies business administration where he spends 40% of the career.

Combines what he learned there with a practice developed by him in the hotel management field at different luxurious hotels, making an emphasis on the food and beverage management, works in a hotel owned by his family.

His studies in natural history are so passionate that he starts working as a naturalist guide in the best tour operators in the country. He worked as head guide in Costa Rica Expeditions for a short time.

During that period of time he gets involved in the study of ornithology, ecology, entomology, the idiosyncrasy of the Costa Ricans, Costa Rica’s and universal history, cartography and survival in the jungle, but it’s in botany and ethno botany where he finds his most intense passion. His job as a guide takes him to explore a big part of the territory of Costa Rica. He learns a bit of local dialects like Cabecar and Bri Bri.

Because of the nature of his job he to studies psychology fields like behavioral and transactional analysis, and a bit of Freud’s theory, rediscovers Tao philosophy and sticks to it.

One of the first guides at the beginning of the Rain Forest Aerial Tram, during that period of time makes a profound study of the flora of Braulio Carrillo National Park in the premontane tropical wet forest. He also trained several junior guides and established a private conservation project.

During this time he started studying photography, poetry, essay, and sculpture. He also starts his learning in IT and web development.

As a photographer –like in many other fields- Javier is a self-taught person. In his photos all his knowledge in art and natural history are mixed. His tendency on capturing the best of natural light produces interesting artistic proposals where abstraction, landscape or humans, play a very important role.

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